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Kindred Cloud Infrastructure Management

Software Architect

Kindred Cloud is a startup focused on making the management of private cloud automated, fast, visible, and just plain easy! We want to help companies of all sizes and types take network, compute and storage resources, and bring them together to look and feel like a public cloud. Enable application developers to deploy apps seamlessly across public cloud or private cloud. We will work with companies that are looking for public cloud alternatives, looking to operate a hybrid cloud, or companies that just want to optimize the way they manage their infrastructure.

As a Software Architect, you will help bring the pieces of the private cloud together into one easy to manage ecosystem. Together, we will bring all the components into one orchestrated and holistic system to build, grow, and monitor the underlying infrastructure within any datacenter.

This role requires a technical leader and collaborator with a broad set of skills and technical achievements, a dev-ops/automation-forward mindset to problem solving, and an impressive past of unique career and life experiences to bring to our team of experts.

We want to disrupt the Infrastructure as a Service industry and bring ease and peace of mind to engineers and executive leaders alike with managing your on prem infrastructure.


United States


  • 10+ years of experience in software development, with 5+ years of architecture of software systems.

  • Expert level knowledge in building distributed, event-based microservice-style and cloud-based applications

  • Strong knowledge

  • Experience designing microservices and APIs.

  • Strong knowledge of containerized and serverless workloads.

  • Solid understanding of virtualization.

  • Solid understanding of storage and network technologies and how they work together.

  • Strong knowledge of public cloud services.


  • Working closely with other architects to build, refine, and evolve the services to orchestrate a private cloud.

  • Develop technical documentation, diagrams and templates to pass on to developers to build the MVP, and then an enterprise grade solution.

  • Changing the way infrastructure is managed.


  • Self starter, curious and not afraid to ask when in doubt.

  • Excited and vocal for the platform you are designing.

  • Self-organize, collaborate and manage efforts with peers and teams across responsibility areas, languages, geography and time zones.

  • Effective in informing, educating and developing team members throughout the organization.


  • Masters or bachelors degree in a relevant science or engineering field.

  • Experience in startups.

  • Experience running whole software systems in a public cloud.

  • GUI development.

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