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Kindred Cloud Infrastructure Management

Kindred Infrastructure will create a wholistic Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform with cloud native fundamentals in mind.

Reduce the time to deploy infrastructure from weeks to hours.  This will greatly improve the speed at which customers can deploy and will keep costly hardware from sitting around unused.

Engineering Class

Kindred helps companies adapt to change.

  • Let our software manage your network, storage and compute so you can focus on building your products and services.

  • Pave the way for serverless deployments on private cloud.

  • Provide a single pane of glass for monitoring.

  • Use our Infrastructure as Code (IAC) principles to program your environments as you intend them to look and push changes rapidly across your fleet of devices.

  • Automate onboarding of new network, storage and compute to happen in hours instead of weeks.

  • Cloud Native APIs that give companies the ability to use common tools like Terraform to manage your VPCs.


Reduce IT overhead of managing infrastructure. We anticipate that our software and implementation will reduce total IT costs by up to 10% or maybe more in specific industries.

We’ve developed a solution to seamlessly combine public cloud flexibility with a single pane of glass private cloud solution.

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